Enable Static Recurring Payments

This article will discuss how to enable static recurring payments on your form.

Static payments mean that you set a fixed value that gets passed to PayPal or Stripe. In this case we will set fixed recurring payment values, such as the billing cycle.

If you don’t want to have fixed recurring values, and you want to link items on your form such as dropdowns or radio buttons to the price, then use the dynamic section.

1. When editing your form, go to the PayPal & Stripe tab:


2. Next, scroll down to either the Static Values section or Dynamic Values section. Here you will see a checkbox for Recurring. You can setup the billing cycle details here.

Please note that for Stripe: A maximum of one year interval is allowed (1 year, 12 months, or 52 weeks). For PayPal: A maximum of 5 year interval is allowed.

The billing cycle option is only used by PayPal, Stripe will ignore the number of cycles and bill everything forever.


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