Easy PayPal Buy Now Button Pro

PayPal Buy Now Button Pro

Sell products or services on your website using PayPal.

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How The Plugin Works

Simply install the plugin on your WordPress website. Then enter your PayPal Email address or Merchant ID on the settings page.

Create a new payment button, after you save the button a shortcode will be generated. Place the shortcode anywhere on your website where you want the button to display.

When a customer clicks the "Buy Now" button they will be redirected to PayPal.

What makes this plugin powerful is its simplicity. It has the features you need and not the features you don't. You don't have to spend days setting up a full eCommerce Solution. In just a few minutes customers from around the world can start buying products or services from your website using PayPal.

Features of the Pro Version

Button Manager

With the Pro version you can manage all your PayPal buttons from inside your WordPress Dashboard.



View Sales

View sales directly from within the WordPress dashboard.

Inventory Management

The quantity of items available will be automatically reduced when a sale is complete. This feature can be turned off.

Provide a unique per button sold out message to your customers.



Email Notifications

Send automatic emails to customer or admins when a sale is complete.

Emails are an optional feature and can be turned off.



Offer coupon codes to your customers.

You can apply coupons to all or individual products and offer a percent or fixed discount.

Separate PayPal Accounts

Each button can be linked to it's own PayPal account.

This is very useful for different departments of an organization.



Charge Tax & Shipping

You can setup both basic and advanced tax and shipping profiles.

Other Features

  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Charge fixed tax or a tax rate
  • Charge shipping & handling per item or globally for all buttons
  • Show name and price beside button
  • Set a quantity per item and optionally reduce that quantity when an item sells
  • Apply a fixed or ate discount per item
  • Add an Item ID or SKU
  • Hide customer's custom note field
  • Change PayPal's Return to Merchant Text
  • Each button can have its own size and image
  • Add a custom button image
  • Option to require or not require the customer to enter a shipping address


Frequently Asked Questions

What themes does this work with?
This plugin works with any WordPress theme.

Does this plugin have documentation or tutorials to follow?
Yes! We offer a large collection of tutorials and documentation to get your form setup just the way you want it.

Does the customer needs a PayPal account to pay?
No, they can pay with their Credit Card directly on the PayPal landing page.

Can I upgrade my license to more sites later?
Yes, in the accounts page you can upgrade your license. The license upgrade will be prorated.

Do I need a business PayPal account?
No, you can use a Standard PayPal account, which is free.

Still have questions?
Submit a Presale Question.

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  • Just what I needed!

    This plugin is just what I was looking for, a simple way to add a PayPal button to my page. I had not done a connection to PayPal before, and Scott was a big help getting me started.

  • Love it!

    thank you

  • mm Pro Version Rocks! Not a huge investment & great support

    This is an awesome plug-in to create simple PayPal buttons with some customization. The Pro version gives you all the features you need when wanting a simple checkout for your buyers, that doesn't need a cart feature. It saves you not having to use PayPal's API to set up auto emails etc. I can now edit things via WP in seconds, instead of having to mess with FTP and all that.

    The huge benefit was bringing up a suggestion to Scott that would improve the plug-in with something I thought it was lacking. He jumped right on it and had a solution up and running very quickly. The time this saves me is great, and I applaud him for his dedication to his WP customers.

    I would jump on this if you want to get a great working PayPal solution for your website, without having a cart for simple one item transaction.

    Thank you Scott!

    DT Hauser

  • mm Great Plugin!

    Upgraded to Pro. Works great – and stellar support!

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