Link checkboxes to the price in PayPal or Stripe

Follow this documentation to create checkboxes on your form.. The amount (price) of each checkbox that is checked will be added together for the PayPal or Stripe total.


Step 1: In a Contact Form 7 form, generate a new tag for a checkbox.


Step 2: Enter your checkbox options. Use a pipe “|” to separate your values from your price. Any character is allowed on the left of the pipe, but only numbers are allowed on the right.


Step 3: Your checkbox should have a name code. Something like checkbox-122. Copy that to your clipboard.


Step 4. On the PayPal tab, Paste the name code into the Price Code input box.


Save the form and copy the form code into a page or post. It should look something like this:


You can see I selected Option b ($3) and Option c($5). When I click the send button and go to PayPal my total will be $8.


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