Link a form item to a text option in PayPal or Stripe

Step 1: In a Contact Form 7 form, generate a new tag for text field.


Step 2: Copy your text field code to your form. It should look something like the image below.


Step 3: Optional. You may want the text field to have a title. If so, add the following:


Step 4: Your text field should have a name code. Something like text-749. Copy that to the PayPal option section at the bottom of the page. It should look something like the image below.


Step 5: Save the form and copy the form code to a new page or post just like normal. When you view it on your site, it should look something like the below image.

In this example, I typed in ‘Blue’.


Step 6: After you enter a value in the text field and submit the form it will redirect you to PayPal and the option will be set to whatever option price you selected.

In this example, I had entered Blue so it shows as: Options: Favorite Color: Blue.


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